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A transient suffers from delusions and dis-associative-identity disorder. After experiencing an alternate identity episode, Psychiatrist, Victoria Tabbott discovers the alternate identity is that of a detective that died while in on vacation in Reno. The actions and paths taken unlock a mysterious paranormal phenomenon that calls itself Wrath.
Government conspiracies, human trafficking, murder and... a superhero? This stand-alone novel has it all and is sure to tease your brain with its constant flow of misdirection. It is a psychological-thriller that appeals to all readers and full of excitement.

Diversity is Madness (Book 1, Dark Athyx)

The first volume of the Dark Athyx series tells the story of the creation… An ancient being is awakened when a vile god discovers a relic and steals it to empower himself. Armageddon is nothing compared to the destruction and horrors of the ancient being known as the Forgotten One… He is the lord of madness and harbinger of horror. Gods fear him. The horrors of the Void spawn the birth of Athyx and its pantheon. Myth becomes reality, and reality becomes madness. The madness calls to the Forgotten One. Gods fall and heroes are made. Diversity between good and evil becomes necessary for the survival of the gods and their creations. This newfound diversity creates the topsoil for the Forgotten One to plant his seeds of madness. The Marble of Godly Doom is all that stands in the way of the Forgotten One and stops him from assimilating the last of the known gods and their newly forged seed of life.

Madness Rising (Book 2, Dark Athyx)

The second installment of the Dark Athyx Series continues where Diversity is Madness leaves off. Insanium returns from hiding with a vengeance and snuffs out more gods. He scars others, enraging some while frightening others. His presence insights nightmares among the gods. The Keeper of Secrets is dead and the weight of discovering ancient secrets falls upon the powers of Prometheus. Insanium grows in power and rips gateways in Time and Space for the power of the Forgotten One to taint the world. The denizens of Dark Athyx and even the gods are stricken with mutations from his taint of madness. Can this ancient titan-god be stopped? Can his avatar, Insanium be stopped before it is too late? Where is Kronos? The dramatics of their coming demise causes many of the gods to think like mortals. Many seek relationships in the wake of their coming dooms. Others attempt to cower and hide. The chosen few struggles to stand against Insanium and fight to the bitter end.

Bounty of Souls (Book 3, Dark Athyx)

The third installment of the Dark Athyx Series, the Athyxian Pantheon make plans to protect their Seed of Life from the threat of Insanium. More gods and monsters find their way to Athyx before they can forge an impenetrable barrier that leaves them all weakened. The gods can do little now. After purging the memory of Insanium from god and mortal-minds alike, they hope that the loss of his memory will keep the powerful deity at bay.The Lost Sect and Villisca rise to power. Villisca works to please her father, Armco and collect souls. Jonathon makes the ultimate sacrifice to purge their world of gods, not for himself, but for love. He hopes to find and save his lost lover, Daisy.Other heroes rise and fall as threats are faced without interference from the gods. It is the time of the elves and mortals.

Into the Wilderness (Book 4, Dark Athyx)

Book 4 in the Dark Athyx Book Series, this tale begins as the sun turns dark. Undead are empowered during the new day of dark light and the struggle for life begins. Some become nomadic and flee into the wilderness. Others willingly become enslaved 'cattle' to various forms of undead just to remain among the living.

The Clergy | Disciples of the Light (Book 5, Dark Athyx)

Previously published on Kindle-vella...

During the time of the dark sun, Viscus ruled the world for fifty years. During those five decades, life struggled to survive. These are the dark tales of one clergy that never gave up, even when their god could not help them. A lone High Priest and his acolytes are all that stand in the way of the Magistrate and his vile plans.

Lonely Boy (Kindlevella)

Seth is known as the "Lonely Boy." His sheltered life makes him a target for others who get their kicks out of his ignorance of worldly practices. This sheltered life has kept many doors shut, but have opened others. Come read the crude humorous life experiences of Seth and Willie in "Lonely Boy."

Lonely Boy | Kindlevella Cover

The Clergy | Season 3: Sanctuary (Kindlevella)

So much has happened! So many have fallen to the wicked. The citizens of Sanctuary mourn the loss of a great hero. New allies emerge from their populous. Secrets are discovered, but is it all too late?

Sanctuary | Kindelvella Cover

The Book of Mythos (Kindlevella)

The Book of MYTHOS is the mythological tale of the history of all things. Told through the Angelic voice of a forgotten being, this story explains the origins of Earth and the original Flat Earth. Christians will HATE this tale, and Atheists will scoff. This false doctrine is nothing more than entertainment... Or is it?

The Book of Mythos | Kindlevella Cover

The Bastard (Kindlevella)

The Bastard is damned to Hell, and their bloodlines carry the same curse for ten generations. This sentence is compounded if the offense is repeated by the next generations. The curse does not always affect one during their days of life, but after Death comes, they are taken to Hell. One such cursed child was so innocent at birth that Hell would not dare to take him, yet the curse prevented him from passing through the gates of Heaven. This is the story of the Bastard.

The Bastard | Kindlevella Cover

The Clergy | Season 2: Servants of Darkness (Kindlevella)

The Clergy continues! Magistrate Sonson Malvoy is exactly where he wants to be. His plans have nearly come to fruition. With the last High Priest and his acolytes gone from the city of Sanctuary, is there no one left to stop him? The wraith Nehhet is out of control. Nothing but wicked acts of horror are to come in the absence of the High Priest.

Servants of Darkness | Kindlevella Cover

Dark Paths (Kindlevella)

A dark tale inspired by religious studies.


My College Journey (Kindlevella)

I completed two degrees on my journey through college and nearly a third. While I'd love to elaborate more on this tale, this will merely be a journal of my completed papers for the various classes I took. I hope to show how not only my writing skills have evolved, but to also show my journey of growing towards being objective and ethical in my thinking and way of life.

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